Selenide Chemical

Ethoxylated Lanolin

Application / Uses Preparation

we are the leading wholesaler of Ethoxylated Lanolin compound with selling quantity of 2 ton per month.

Lead Selenide

CAS No   12069-00-0

Application / Uses Preparation
Lead selenide is a semiconductor material. It forms cubic crystals of the NaCl structure; it has a direct bandgap of 0.27 eV at room temperature. (Note that[1] incorrectly identifies PbSe and other IV–VI semiconductors as indirect gap materials.) It is a grey crystalline solid material.

Glycocholic Acid Sodium Salt

Application / Uses Preparation

We are the leading wholesaler of glycocholic acid sodium salt compound with selling quantity of 2 ton per month.

Vanadium Selenide

CAS No   12299-51-3

Application / Uses Preparation
A selenide is a chemical compound in which selenium serves as an anion with oxidation number of −2 (Se2−), much as sulfur does in a sulfide. The chemistry of the selenides parallels that of the sulfides

Zinc Selenide

CAS No   1315-09-9

Application / Uses Preparation
Zinc selenide (ZnSe), is a light yellow binary solid compound. It is an intrinsic semiconductor with a band gap of about 2.70 eV at 25 °C. ZnSe rarely occurs in nature. It is found in the mineral stilleite named after Hans Stille.
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