Metaborate Chemical

Calcium Metaborate

In aqueous solution borate exists in many forms. In acid and near-neutral conditions, it is boric acid, commonly written as H3BO3 but more correctly B(OH)3. The pKa of boric acid is 9.14 at 25°C. Boric acid does not dissociate in aqueous solution, but is acidic due to its interaction with water molecules, forming tetrahydroxyborate:

p-toluenesulfonyl Chloride

Cas No. 98-59-9

The resulting sulfonamides are non-basic and, when derived from primary amines, are even acidic.

Formula : C7H7ClO2S
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  • Item Code: 13453-69-5

Potassium Metavanadate

Keep the product in its original container well sealed,in a dry and ventilated area,away from potential sources
of ignition and protected from light.
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  • Item Code: 16481-66-6

Chloropentamminecobalt Chloride

Cas No. 13859-51-3

It is a red-violet, diamagnetic, water-soluble salt. The compound has been of academic and historical interest.
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