Essential Oils


CAS No  64-04-0

Application / Uses Preparation

This means that for significant concentrations to reach the brain, the dosage must be higher than for other methods of administration.

Cupric Carbonate

CAS No   1184-64-1

Application / Uses Preparation

Cupric carbonate is a blue-green compound (chemical formula CuCO3) forming part of the verdigris patina that is found on weathered brass, bronze, and copper.
Cupric carbonate is prepared by combining aqueous solutions of copper sulfate and sodium carbonate. Copper carbonate precipitates from the solution:

Beta Picoline

Application / uses preparation

Beta Picoline, also called 3-Methyl Pyridine, is a clear organic liquid.

Benzyltripropylammonium Chloride

Application / Uses Preparation

It is a benzyltripropylammonium chloride chemical compound. 
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