Carbonyl Compounds


Cas No. 1634-04-4

 Its use is controversial because of its contamination of groundwater and legislation favoring ethanol. However,

Potassium Bisulfite

CAS No         7773-3-7

Application / Uses Preparation
Bisulfite ion is the ion HSO3−. Salts containing the HSO3− ion are termed bisulfites also known as sulfite lyes. For example, sodium bisulfite is NaHSO3.

Calcium Bisulfite

CAS No         13780-03-5

Application / Uses Preparation
Calcium bisulfite is an inorganic compound which is the salt of a calcium cation and a bisulfite anion. It may be prepared by reacting lime with an excess of sulfurous acid, essentially a mixture of sulfur dioxide and water. It is a weak reducing agent, as is sulfur dioxide, sulfites, and any other compound containing sulfur in the +4 oxidation state. As a food additive it is used as a preservative under the E number E227.


Product Details:
  • CAS Number: 550-44-7
  • Item Code: 550-44-7
  • Packing: Bag
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Packaging Type: Bag
  • Cas-No: 550-44-7
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram

N-Methylphthalimide (550-44-7) is in Powder form. It is chemical compounds.
Cas No. 550-44-7
We are the leading wholesaler of N-Methylphthalimide compound with selling quantity of 2 ton per month.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 550-44-7
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

Benzyl Chloride

Approx Price: Rs 105 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Kilogram
Product Details:
  • Packaging Size: 200 kgs
  • Packaging Type: Drum
  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Molar Mass (g/Mol): 126.58 g/mol
  • Melting Point (deg. Celsius): -39 C
  • Boiling Point (deg. Celsius): 179 C

CAS No 100-44-7

Application / Uses Preparation

The reaction proceeds by the free radical process, involving the intermediacy of free chlorine atoms.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 100-44-7
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)
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